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Meet Red Merrell

• Co-Host of Sportsman Of Colorado Radio Show on 560AM KLZ

• Owner of Lone Star Ranch – Sedalia, Colorado

I was raised in Abilene, Texas in a time when every pick-up truck had a rifle or shotgun carried in the back window. Texas had a guns and hunting culture and every kid dreamed of the time when he could kill his first buck. We lived on the edge of town and my dad set up a target range in our back yard with the die of the garage as a back stop. Dad taught me and my brother how to shoot our B-B guns, little bow and arrows and our sling shots. As I got older I graduated to a Benjamin .177 pump air rifle and learned how to shoot sparrows out of trees in the woods behind the house. Mom and Dad both had Winchester pump 22’s and I learned to shoot jackrabbits and prairie dogs on my uncle’s farm. I killed my first buck at age 10 with my Dad’s Remington 270, on a deer lease outside of Brady, Texas. My Dad’s first love was bass fishing and he and us boys spent many hours at my uncle’s pond and at Lake Abilene fishing for largemouth bass and crappie.

Hunting and fishing were part of my family’s lifestyle and the same was true of most of my friends. Both Dad and Mom were great outdoorsmen and I’m thankful to have had such a wonderful heritage.

Red Merrell and his SCI WORLD RECORD Klipspringer, taken with Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris and PH F.C. Prinsloo
Red Merrell earns another SCI Record & Gold Medal Trophy for taking this amazing Blesbok with Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris, guided by his PH F.C. Prinsloo
Red Merrell took this nice mule deer on his ranch in Sedalia, Colorado

Professional Credentials

• Game Warden for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
• Deputy Sheriff for Jefferson County, Colorado
• Federal Officer for the Department of Energy at Rocky Flats


Red Merrell teaching his sweet grandaughter Georgia how to ride at their ranch in Sedalia, Colorado

Red’s Personal Life

I live on a ranch in Sedalia, Colorado with my wife Denise and we have several American Quarter Horse Association horses. We are active in our church, First Baptist Church of Englewood and our church ministry, Silver State Baptist Youth Camp in Sedalia, Colorado. Our son Joshua is the Pastor of Southside Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas. Our daughter Maritza is a Medical Assistant at Children’s Hospital in Denver.

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