Fishing – Ft. Lupton-Carp

Fishing – Ft. Lupton-Carp

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Check out this awesome carp! Jon’s story: My son and I were fishing the South Platte just North of Ft. Lupton, with no luck, when I spooked a pod of 5 to 6 carp from the river’s edge. We returned to the car to exchange our fishing poles for fishing gigs. After hunting the river’s edge for almost 20 minutes we finally spotted a large carp swimming upstream about 30 feet out from the bank. My throw hit the carp broadside. Before I could get him in, he got off the gig. Fortunately he swam toward the bank, where I threw and connected a 2nd time. The 2nd throw of the gig held and we were able to bring him up on the bank for photos.

Jon Boesen
Fishing, Recent
South Platte River North of Ft. Lupton, Colorado
November 8, 2014

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

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