Benefits of Using a Registered Outfitter

Benefits of Using a Registered Outfitter

Outfitters must be registered, bonded and insured to operate in Colorado and have permits to operate on public lands. If your outfitter is operating illegally, you run the risk of having your hunt canceled in progress and your game confiscated if your outfitter is arrested. Knowingly contracting with an illegal outfitter could result in felony convictions for all hunters involved. You may not have legal recourse if you are injured or your illegal outfitter does not provide the services you purchased.

Things To Ask To Be Sure Your Outfitter is Properly Registered:

• Are you registered with the Colorado Office of Outfitters Registration?

• If so, what is your Registration number?

• Will we be hunting on public lands at any time?

• If so, do you have a Bureau of Land Management or U.S Forest Service permit?

• Other Indications Of An Illegal Outfitter: Outfitter does not provide a written contract.

• Outfitter counsels you not to talk to State or Federal officers or asks you to say you’re
just friends or family hunting together.

Protect Yourself:
Verify your outfitter’s registration by contacting the Colorado Department of Regulatory
Agencies at

Things you can do if you suspect illegal outfitting or poaching activity:

• Gather as much information as possible.

• Call toll free Operation Game Thief 1-800-332-4155 or (You can
remain anonymous).

• You may be entitled to a reward offered by Operation Game Thief or the Colorado
Outfitters Association.

Article credited to Colorado Outfitters Association:

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