April 18, 2020: Flesch & Beck Law on Outfitter Contracts – Davis Tents

April 18, 2020: Flesch & Beck Law on Outfitter Contracts – Davis Tents

Today’s Guests:
Attorney and Co-Host of our show Kevin Flesch will join us, and John Rush, Host of Rush to Reason and Drive Radio also sits in to discuss the business side of hiring an Outfitter. What about a contract or an Agreement? What should the Contract cover so the Outfitter is protected? What should the Contract outline so you as a client have a full understanding, of what is covered with you adventure. We share some great tips to make sure no one gets has a misunderstanding or losses money. Kevin’s firm also handles Wildlife Violations. Flesch & Beck Law, 303-806-8886. Then Will Marquardt Owner of Davis Tents joins us to talk about some great deals happening right now at Davis Tents. Also Scott & Will discuss our current conditions and how we can all help some of our great organizations. Go to www.DavisTents.com to check out the specials.

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