May 23, 2020: Stop The Wolf Campaign – Outdoors Geek – Davis Tent

May 23, 2020: Stop The Wolf Campaign – Outdoors Geek – Davis Tent

Today’s Guests:
Denny Behrens, with Stop the Wolf gives us some great up to date information. Please visit and join the fight. Then it’s our great friend Will Marquardt, Owner of Outdoors Geek, LLC. At Outdoors Geek they want to make it as easy as possible for you to get outfitted and get outside! They guarantee that your rental gear will be crazy clean and delivered at least one day prior to your starting rental date or your rental is free.
Ask for your Sportsman of Colorado Radio Discount. Outdoors Geek offers many camping rental packages and they will also guide you in the package for your needs. Visit their website at Will is a busy man so he stays with us to talk about his other company, Davis Tent. Will says “Our many years of manufacturing tents and hunting elk here in Colorado have helped us to determine the key features needed to make quality outdoor tents and gear. So whether you call it a canvas tent, wall tent, hunting tent or outfitter tent you can rest assured because we have been making tents and other canvas related products to the highest of standards for over 50 years.” Will fills us in on all Davis Tent has to offer, and shares to always check out for special offers. Ask for your Sportsman of Colorado Radio Discount when placing your order.

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