August 21, 2021: Colorado Parks & Wildlife –  Discount Fishing Tackle – The Outdoorsman’s Attic

August 21, 2021: Colorado Parks & Wildlife – Discount Fishing Tackle – The Outdoorsman’s Attic

Today’s Guests:
Bryan Posthumus from Colorado Parks and Wildlife joins us to talk about several different programs available through CPW. Bryan tells us about, “Take a Friend Hunting” and “Take a Friend Fishing.” For the third consecutive year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is encouraging hunters to take a friend hunting. As a reward for hunters sharing their expertise and love of hunting, CPW has created a contest for mentors who take the time to pass on their knowledge, with prizes for the mentor as well as the mentee. “I often run into people wanting to hunt but they just don’t know how to start, most of them just need a mentor to help out,” said CPW Hunter Outreach Coordinator Bryan Posthumus. “It is so easy to ask your friends, co-workers, or family if they want to hunt and help them get started. Quite a few started out small game hunting. Many of the hunters last year are planning on hunting with their new hunting buddy this year.”

Then it’s Austin Parr with Discount Fishing Tackle with our fishing report. Austin shares some insights and tips from fishing local ponds, lakes and mountain streams.

In our final segment it’s Billy Paddock, Owner of the Outdoorsman’s Attic in Sheridan. Billy tells us about some great sales on all departments at the store. You will great buys on handguns, rifles and shotguns. If you have kids hinting clothes that are not being used, bring your gear to The Outdoorsman’s Attic. They are located at 2650 W Hampden Ave.

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